The failure of one is indeed the failure of all, and the success of one is the success of all. We are one!

Notwithstanding our diversity, we share a common humanity. We are one! 

The entire humanity is a chain with links connecting all together to form a whole. Now, you’d agree with me that if one link out of the whole making the chain is weak, then it won’t be right to say the chain is strong. If you agree with me, then, let’s take humanity as that chain interconnected by links. We were all created by God for one purpose, to fulfil destiny. I speak from a Christian’s point of view. The whole reason of Jesus’ birth and death is for the strengthening of weak links to enable man realize his destiny. This is also the brain behind the formation of the United Nations (UN), though on a smaller spectrum. 

Until man reach this understanding his destiny would remain but a mirage. Your failure is my failure, that’s why I’m concerned about you. I share in your success and in your failure, directly or indirectly, whether you believe it or not.

If you’re a Christian, and one that reads the Holy Bible, you’d understand what I’m talking about. 

Let’s look at Jesus and why he did come to earth. The Bible has it that he came to reconcile man (humanity) back to God. The Holy book also records that man (humanity) was created by God, and that humanity was made to worship God. It’s also stated that man fell short of his expectation, hence the need for the coming of Jesus for the correction of the shortcomings of man. 

The Bible also records that a time would come when man shall attain his rightful position and consequent upon that, fulfil his destiny. 

Until this prophecy and revelation is fulfilled, wouldn’t it be fair to admit that the inability of one to worship God affects the worship of all? For, what God wants is the unrestrained worship of all. And, conversely, wouldn’t it be right to say that if one succeeds in doing the right thing it’s a plus for all?


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