Nigeria Without Zoning of Political Positions 

I have said time and again, that Nigeria as a nation is yet to have a leader that’s deserving of the office of the president. Do you think otherwise? 
Nigeria would be better off for it when Zoning is disabused from the minds of her people. When you take out zoning, justice and merit would come to play. And then, if politicians begin to preach tribal or ethnic politics in the guise of zoning, we know precisely where they belong and exactly what they’re saying. Only those calling for retrogression and at worst, the disintegration of Nigeria would preach the politics of ethnic or regional affiliation wrapped with zoning. 
Let’s take a critical and dispassionate view on the disadvantages of zoning political positions instead of allowing merit to determine those that emerge as leaders. While we consider this, don’t claim apolitical as your excuse for not being politically active. 
I hold the view that nobody should be apolitical because either directly or indirectly you’re affected by the policies of the politicians. To say you are not a politician, and so you’re less perturbed about the almighty Zoning formula in our political system, leaves a very big question mark.


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