My Reflection on President Obama’s 2016 DNC Speech

In the early hours of today around 4:20am, I was woken up from my sleep to watch in real time, President Barack Hussein Obama’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech, where he once again revealed to the pleasant amazement of Americans and the world in general, what stuff he’s made of. The man fascinates me with his calm disposition, his unmatched wealth of knowledge, his mastery of the English language, his humility in spite of his superiority with respect to class, his grace and above all, his unfettered belief in the audacity of hope for what is achievable if only we can conceive it in our mind’s eyes.

While I was watching and listening to him with rapt attention, I took a reflection within a split second over the trajectory of his progression from grass to grace; considering a child born into the most unlikely union of a black and white parents at a time in the history of America when racial segregation was the order of the day, and it was unthinkable to have a black man marry or get blended with a white woman. I thought of his father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. from Kenya, who defied the conventional calculation and imagination at the time, and got married to a white beautiful and wonderful lady, Stanley Ann Dunham. Then smiled in my inner man, that indeed anything can happen if we can only believe and set our hearts and minds to it.


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