Fiction being what it is, is a reflection of the mind’s manipulation. To this end, one would think what good can come from a work of fiction to affect and have effect on reality… Unknowing to the mind that thinks, all that was imagined was in the cocoon, going through gestation of some sort. Unexpected love is the love that beats the rational mind and challenges restricted calculations for the realization of possible manipulation.

Flowing from the piece, “UNEXPECTED LOVE”, a transmutation from fiction to nonfiction was made manifest. It was in the peak of the rainy season, far away from the kingdom setting of rural communities with palatial exposition of wealth and glamour and pageantry. The sky looked misty and cloudy, and it looked like the rain was going to fall. The young man, having been visited with passionate love from an unassuming and homely damsel a couple of days ago, was in a world away from reality, ruminating on the sleepless nights of profound expression of affection in a situation that defied conventional imagination. He had an agreement to meet with his newfound love.

The thought that one can breathe while his or her head is under water, as submitted by John Legend in his song “ALL OF ME”, can only be appreciated by those who love crazily. Those who are blinded to the world when love come calling are those that can be visited by unexpected love.  

The young man in his trance-like state, oblivious to the hustle and bustle in the city, began to reflect on the captivating events that got him spellbound for days now. He thought of how she spoke to him on the first day of their conversation having been introduced by a special friend of hers and his.

She said, “I like you, hence I requested to know you. What do you think?” The words came out of her mouth without friction, and the sound of her voice was soothing. She radiates the effulgence of the goddess, the beauty of Queen Esther and the boldness of Nefertiti. She didn’t speak with the usual accent of the modern day Nigerian city girl that tend to form Yankee notwithstanding her being very well exposed to real city life within and without the country. She is contagiously modest and well-mannered and cultured.

Being true to whom he is, he responded by letting her know how he feels about her without reservations. The words came out spontaneously with all sense of sincerity. He said to her, “Love is funny, and can manifest in an unimaginable form. It takes a heart of love to appreciate love when it comes in whatever manner conceivable”. 

She gave a somewhat blushing expression with a smile that seem to conceal something like her burning desire for him, but to think of it that she would blush is unthinkable when the features of Esther and Nefertiti speak for her. And she asked, “How are you feeling?”

Within a split second he tried to figure out what exactly she meant by asking to know how he was feeling. He being overwhelmed by her every being, couldn’t hold back his feelings for her, and he said, “I find you very attractive and gorgeous and beautiful and inviting – I’m taken away by you, and I am imagining what it would be like to feel your heartbeat in Adam and Eve’s state”.

On regaining consciousness from his abstraction, he realized that he was almost behind schedule for his meeting, so, he hurriedly got into a keke and proceeded to be with the woman that gives him healthy sleepless nights. To be continued…


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