Enchanted, he was by her beauty that is further enhanced by her intellectual acumen. So captivated by the way she radiates the effulgence of the goddess of love, he couldn’t resist the urge to express his feelings to her. Notwithstanding the class barrier that exists between them, his love for her reached beyond man-made boundaries. Pressing forward, he walked briskly to her and said, “with you is where I belong and that’s where I want to be”.

She, being pleasantly astounded by his courage and the ease at which he spoke, was overwhelmingly taken away by a commoner whom by every standard common to the class she’s familiar with, the aristocrat, damned the societal perception of the intercourse between an aristocrat and a common commoner. She smiled at him in response to his advances. In company of her maids and bodyguards, she glided into the palatial building with some “denge and posing”.

Convinced that there’s unblinking love in the air, the young man was overwhelmed with joy and excitement and was unable sleep the night he met his love. Being one who’s no given to relenting in his pursuit when he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, he proceeded to the stream knowing she would be there.

From a visible distance he saw the beat of his heart. He walked straight to her, unconscious of those around her, he spoke in anticipation of what she’s about to say, looking straight into her eyes with a squint as though he was searching deep in her soul for the unquenchable fire of her unsearchable affection, and said, “if Romeo truly died for Juliet’s love, then, I’m ready to die for you, and if need be, live for your love”.

She looked at him smiling, though in a bid to conceal her blush, for she was swept off her feet with his choice of words. She responded, “if what you say is the expression of your feelings towards me, then, I propose you do something to prove this love you have for me”.

Not to give her any reason whatsoever to doubt his love for her, he said to her, “speak like a flowing river, and I’d go with the tide like a helpless fish”.

“I propose you serve in my father’s vineyard for seven years without pay”, she said. This she said bearing in mind the deceptive nature of man. That a desperate man can promise to go to the moon and back, just to have his way with that lady he craves without meaning a word of what was said in the heat of his lust for her.

Prodding him further, she said, “I’ve heard sweet words from nobles – men trained to speak in captivating and irresistible ways, but I don’t get fascinated by their sugarcoated tongues, for it is oftentimes than not, a show of sweet treachery. But to hear these words coming from a supposed nobody, leaves me stranded in utter amazement”. To be continued…


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