More times than not, we are quick to bask in the euphoria of a knowledgeable entity, when in reality we know absolutely nothing. If majority of us are asked, who’s intelligent? You’d agree they’d say the man/woman that is able to understand what he/she is taught, and is consequent upon that, able to produce that stored in his/her memory when needed. Isn’t that what a computer is?

If the fact that you delivered the absolute replica of that which you stored in your memory qualifies you for one that’s intelligent, then you’re not better than a machine, a computer to be precise. This is because the computer is in the category you find yourself.

Flowing from the foregoing, the question, “who’s intelligent?” begs for answer.

A truly intelligent entity is that entity with the ability to excogitate idea(s) beyond the known. He/she is an abnormal entity living in a normal world.

If mastering the theories, concepts,ideas or what have you, propounded by another makes you intelligent, what then would the propounder of that which you’ve mastered be called?  Food for thought…


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