There’s something about President Buhari that I find very interesting, and I believe would pay-off at the end of the day. It is the fact that he’s not a respecter of persons within the political terrain. To think of it that Buhari is sleeping, can be likened to mistaking the easy movement of the lion for cowardice.

Since his investiture as the president of the nation, there’s no doubt about it that Nigerians are becoming impatient with his administration because of the slow pace at which he is moving. We all know a girl that has been raped does not have the luxury of time to wait for a formal legal system to go through due process in bringing to book the rapist. For her, jungle justice is the best form of justice she’d love to see meted out to the rapist. It is normal that she thinks that way, however, there’s a system in place, being that the society have moved from the days of the jungle into a more organized and civilized state, where there are structures of the state with certain functions they perform. Like the raped girl, Nigerians are impatient because they’ve been raped by successive governments, and as such they want jungle justice for the rapists.

Jungle justice would have been the best remedy to the tragedy of corruption bedeviling this nation, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a mob action or a revolution of some sort, that brought about the change of leadership at the helm of affairs in the nation. It was rather a well organized democratic movement that brought about the change.  Following that, we must allow democratic process have its way in the affairs of the state through the functions of the different structures of the state.

Furthermore, if the structures of the state are to function effectively and efficiently, they must be well organized. This brings us to the legislative arm of government that has been on the spotlight for some weeks now. The place of the legislature in a democracy cannot be overstated, for the legislative arm of government can be likened to the soul of government that must have a good working relationship with the executive arm of government for effective governance to happen.

What is playing out at the National Assembly is a reflection of the true state of Nigeria. We are a nation at crossroad waiting to take that decisive step, either for a regeneration or for destruction. Whichever step we take shall decide our fate.

Looking at the events playing out at the dishonourable chambers called National Assembly, and following a critical consideration of the actions and inaction of the dishonourable, self-serving members I’ve come to a conclusive conclusion that those persons averse to progressive change are hellbent on frustrating the effort of the government of the day from executing its agenda. It is a calculated attempt to ensure that the status quo is maintained for their selfish benefit. I wonder what change shall be recorded if the National Assembly is not on the same page with the Presidency with respect to the latter’s agenda.

I therefore call on all well-meaning Nigerians to rise up to the occasion and demand for the needful to be done at the National Assembly. Ask the warring factions of the ruling party (APC) to consider the nation’s interest in their actions or inaction. And we should exercise patience with the present government as we await the marshalling of the policies of the government following the resolution of the impasse at the National Assembly.


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