When your preoccupation is amassing wealth at the expense of those you claim to lead without understanding the essence of leadership, socioeconomic well-being of the people, infrastructural development, better put, good governance will be alien to your thinking. And when you know that, even if you steal all the money at your disposal, majority of those that should be angry at you for looting their collective wealth would end up singing praises to you for a plate or two of porridge, you’d be encouraged to keep on looting.

Now, the million dollar question is, why are the people singing praises to their corrupt leaders in spite of the fact that it is obvious they are thieves, and not just that they are thieves, but that what they steal is collectively owned by all?

Having done a critical examination of the situation, I came to the conclusive conclusion that the twin evil of mass destruction: poverty and ignorance is the cause. And until the cause is consciously and deliberately dealt with, we will continue to chase shadows leaving the substance.

Freedom is not free – there’s a price to be paid for freedom. And oftentimes than not, the price for freedom is paid by those in need of freedom. Until we realize that change, I mean lasting change, can only come from within and not from without, we will continue to daydream and keep thinking wishfully that some powers outside Nigeria will come to our rescue.

I do not subscribe to the school of thought that, the twin evil of mass destruction must be dealt with before the people can rise up from their slumber for the liberation of self. I am of the opinion that, when you deal with the greater of the two (2) evil,  which is ignorance, you’ve dealt with over 70% of the cause and as a result set to put in motion the liberation process.

The average man will not mind being hungry so long as he’s conscious of the light at the end of the tunnel. He’d do all within his power to get to the end of the tunnel where the light is.

At this juncture, suffice it to say that awareness creation via social crusade for the enlightenment of the masses to take them out of being docile and lethargic into becoming conscious and aware of their situation and become galvanized to resist the status quo(the powers that be) having understood that a better life lies ahead, and knowing what to do to get there is what we need.

Change We Can Believe In! Yes, We Can!

May God See Us Through This!


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