It’s been a while I wrote about love.

It takes the knowledge of hate to understand in real terms what love truly means. Should I say I do understand love? An emphatic NO would suffice here. For, love is beyond the ordinary. Love is a force as potent and as effective as the source of life. To know love, is to know life itself. And to know life, is to know the source of life where love and hate emanates.

What if all we know about love isn’t what love is in its true sense? What if what we call hate is the beauty of love, as in darkness, the illuminator of light? How is one to understand love without first appreciating hate? Is it possible to love without the understanding of hate? Having said that, let’s look at love from its back door, hate.


Hate is an emotion that’s as strong as love. It cannot be felt without an appreciable knowledge of love. It is stirred where there is a shortfall of love. That you can hate, is a reflection of the fact that there’s love in you, though, it is in a passive state, having being unattended to in a very long while.

To not be able to hate, is to never know love.

Feed the love in you, before hate takes the best part of you.


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