My Reflection

I am a Christian without apology. Matter of fact, I am an unrepentant Christian. You may be a Muslim or a Hindus or possibly a Heathen – that’s your choice. Should we be enemies because we do not belong to same religion, if you like, brotherhood? My take: the answer is an emphatic NO. 

I find it very disturbing, most unacceptable and utterly debasing of the human race to think of it that we would hate ourselves, and sometimes be willing to kill ourselves for the sake of religion. Are we humans that think or we are animals, nothing different from beasts?

Since I’m a Christian, would I be glad if you be one, that’s a Christian? The answer this time, if I’m asked, is an unwavering YES. And I believe you’d also be glad if I get converted to your religion. The question then is, should we do the conversion by coercion, or should we do it by reflecting our worth, our ideals, in a nutshell, our humanity? Your take is as good as mine.

I say this with every sense of sincerity and with every fiber of my being that, I’d cease to be a Christian the moment I see a religion with an identity that’s contagious and that’s better than Christianity.

God bless the human race!


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