I am no longer comfortable with the mantra that, we (Nigerians) are fainthearted, and by implication, cannot revolt against our corrupt leaders. Think of it: Are those Nigerians that have proven their worth as gallant soldiers any different from the general populace, or are they from a different world? Time and again, you hear people (Nigerians) talk about how the average Nigerian is afraid of death. That we would rather suffer and die in our suffering, than fight for our freedom and if death is our destiny, so be it.

I have repeatedly asked to know if we truly have thinkers in Nigeria. I ask because it is amazing to think of it that we have a good sense of reasoning, and that we do think with our heads.

The world over, where they have recorded a successful revolution, it is a process orchestrated by the thinkers of those lands.

We fail to realize that there is latent power in the spoken word. When you tell a people that they are cowards, saying it consistently, given a somewhat justifiable reasons for your position, you create in the inner-man, the subconscious, that is, a consciousness for fear and cowardice. Over the years, we have been told how lily-livered we are as a people, and that is partly the reason we have refused to brave-up and kick-start a process of revolution for our liberation.

Revolution do not happen by chance. It is a process that must be driven by the great minds in the society. Spread the word and let your world know the need for a revolution driven by the people.


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