It does not surprise me that the ASUU strike runs unending notwithstanding the arguable fact that President Goodluck Jonathan is an academic, a doctorate degree holder and a onetime lecturer.

The foregoing is informed, given the calculation of the average Nigerian with respect to acquiring education, or should I say, certificate, for it is obvious that what we go to school for is certificate and not education. It is an open secret that we (Nigerians) do not believe in education for its true essence. If you do a survey why the average Nigerian acquire education, you would be utterly amazed at your findings. To be fair to Nigerians, I must say, we do not appreciate education for what it is worth. Majority of Nigerians have an abused perception of the value of education to a people, hence it matters not what befalls the education sector and its consequent implications to the nation. The calculation for education is primarily one of pecuniary acquisition. How much we would make, monetarily speaking, is what influence our going to school, and consequent upon that, we go about acquiring our certificate with whatever means possible. The value we place on certification without a commensurable knowledge base to back the certificate is responsible for our poor leadership, to say the least.

Here we are, a nation that is considered developing, which in actuality is underdeveloped, feeling less concerned with the engine room (education) that is the fulcrum upon which she would attain the status of a developed nation. What a shame!


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