APC: A Formidable Opposition

APC is a child of necessity. The party, as my hunch tells me, would usher in a new beginning in the history of our nation. This is not to say it would be a smooth ride to paradise, considering the fact that majority of those that constitute the bigwigs of the yet to be registered party are anything but different from the crop of people that makeup PDP. Given this, one would ask, how come you see light at the end of the tunnel? My answer is simple: the contest would not be easy for both the incumbent party and APC that will eventually wrest power from them, however, given a proper sensitization campaign, aimed at galvanizing the generality of the masses to resist the evil machinations of PDP, APC shall be victorious.

Why must ACP reach-out to the masses like never before? The financial muscle of PDP, I mean their stolen wealth, is such that can be used to do and undo— and trust the ignorant Nigerians, who would be readily available to sell their votes for a plate of porridge.

Having won at the polls, APC would have no option than to present itself as the very alternative to the most unpopular party in the history of mankind, PDP. And what other way would they do it than to execute people’s driven policies to better the lot of the masses? PDP, too , would at the long run become a better party, but that would take a long long time.

May God bless APC, may God bless all well-meaning Nigerians, and may God bless Nigeria!


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