Looking Forward

When we consistently hold on to established principles and ideas that exist, without giving thought to the excogitation of new ideas and principles, we not only limit our pace of advancement but smother the possibility of truly advancing to a better people.

Those that propounded the ideas and principles that has brought us thus far, were inspired by the exigencies of their time to maintain a progressive advancement of mankind.

The greatest danger to any generation is the feeling of complacency and contentment over what has been achieved when it is obvious there’s spacious room for further achievements. I feel very disturbed when you present a thought from your subconscious mind, a thought that’s geared toward the betterment of mankind, and you and your thought or idea are considered not appropriate because your thought or idea is not in keeping with established principles/ideas.

What principles/ideas did the early inventors base their ideas on before they were considered workable?

Don’t bury your thoughts— believe in what you think and think only what you believe.


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