Aluta Will Not Continue

“Aluta Continua” is one phrase that I have never subscribed to, given that I know the psychological implication(s) of such phrase.

Aluta Continua is in keeping with the saying that “he who fights and run away, lives to fight another day.” And what have we got in Nigeria? We’ve never successfully ended a fight, or you may call it a struggle as the word implies. It is because of this mentality that we didn’t see the January protest of last year against the anti-people’s fuel subsidy removal to a decisive end. We were true to the phrase ‘Aluta Continua’ hence we went home to take a break and reconvene. What a ridiculous action, making a public show of us before the International Community as a people bereft of the understanding of the principles and concept of nonviolent revolution.

The problem is, we are not properly enlightened of the concept and principles of nonviolent revolution to make us internalize it for effective expression when the need arise.

Aluta will not continue if and when we are ready to take the struggle to the end.


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