Awareness Creation Via Social Crusade Is The Only Path To The Emancipation Of The Masses From Their Corrupt Leaders

Somebody please tell me where in the whole wide world has it been recorded that a corrupt government changed willingly and became pro-people, working for the overall interest of the masses without pressure from the masses.

Without the masses rising up to demand for the end of corruption, corruption would remain with us for as long as we remain a nation.

I doubt if we understand what democracy means, and how it can be sustained for the development of the people. If democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people, it’s amazing that the people (Nigerians) are not the engine room, driving democracy. Isn’t it an aberration that a few people, I mean, an insignificant few people decides what happens in a democracy?

The beauty of democracy would elude Nigeria and Nigerians if the teeming majority of the citizenry are not aware of the concept and essence of democracy.

Awareness creation via social crusades is a veritable tool, matter of fact, it is “the” veritable tool for the awakening of the masses to the realization of fact that they themselves are the last and only hope for their emancipation from the strong grip of a self-serving corrupt leaders that have hijacked the democratic process.

Democracy is a system of government that allows for the generality of the people to have their say, but only the majority of the people to have their way. Given that, democracy is a game of numbers. If this is true with democracy, then we would be left with a critical question: Since the majority of the people that should run the general process of democracy are denied their inalienable right to good governance by an insignificant minority, isn’t it proper to say the majority of the people are ignorant of the concept of democracy and the working of same? Any attempt to merge political parties into one solid party or the formation of brand new parties with the sole intent of wresting power from the government of the minority, would be an exercise in futility without addressing the critical question: where are the numbers that should have their way?

Unless we are trying to redefine democracy the Nigerian way (the theater of unimaginable paradox) we cannot succeed without adequate awareness creation to disabuse the stereotype notion that it is okay to sell our votes. A notion prevalent in the mindset of the average Nigerian, who’s readily available to sell his or her vote for a plate of porridge.

If the people are adequately informed of the power they have in their thumb, and are made to understand that selling their votes for even a million naira is equivalent to selling their future and that of their children and children’s children, they’d not only not sell their votes, they’d protect it with the last drop of their blood if the need arise.

It’s a pity we aren’t ready to take back power from those that have hijacked it for far too long and define how we are governed.


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