The Inevitability of Revolution

There’s the possibility of Nigerians getting desperate as time goes by – getting desperate as a result of hunger, insecurity and hopelessness. Imagine that majority of Nigerians no longer have food to eat, and with a living reality that we cannot guarantee a single meal for the day, and knowing that it is man-made. If revolution don’t come in one way, it would come in another.

The fact that Nigerians are yet to reach that level where we can no longer guarantee our survival is because we are survivors. The question is, for how long would we keep up the struggle for survival?

A hopeless people are a desperate people, and they can do the unimaginable.

Today, revolution in Nigeria is considered a mere dream. Nigerians practically think there will never be revolution in Nigeria, just as we thought a few years ago that suicide bombing would never happen in Nigeria. Suicide bombing has become synonymous with Nigeria. Who knows what would happen in the near future, whether the Arab Spring, if juxtaposed with what will happen here would be a child’s play… Who knows?


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