Unconsciously, some people are drawing a battle line between Christians and Muslims, with the thinking that Islam and Christianity are opposed to each other. This trend is creating a lasting hatred that would sweep like a hurricane of unprecedented magnitude if we do not take a conscious and deliberate attempt at correcting the erroneous notion that’s being spread daily.

Tell me what’s the big idea if I decide to be a Christian and you decide to be a Muslim….

I see nothing wrong about me telling you to come to Christ, giving you convincing reasons why you should choose Christianity in the place of whatever religion. In the same vein, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you telling me the goodies of your religion, be it Islam, Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism, Paganism, and all the isms, all in the bid to convert me to yours.

I maintain that I’m an unrepentant Christian without apology, and if you’re unrepentant in whatever religion you find yourself, why should it be a bone in my throat. Isn’t it all about worshiping God aright and hopefully, make heaven at the end of the day? Why should I be so concerned about your making heaven to the point that I possibly would kill you for not considering heaven via my religion?

If it pleases God that we all meet in heaven, so be it. However, given your conviction, if your channel happens to lead you to heaven and mine fails, shouldn’t you rejoice that you were right after all.

I take it that only a foolish man, I mean, utterly foolish man would fight for supremacy of religion when we all agree we were created by the same God.

The earlier we realize that religion not well understood is a curse rather than a blessing to man, the better for us.


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