It is my observation that what’s responsible for the reproduction of violence indiscriminately in Nigeria, is because we seldom deliberate on issues as they arise. It’s obvious we’ve not been talking enough amongst ourselves. We allow our anger, bitterness to grow and eat deep into us, and consequent upon that we resort to violence when we can no longer contain the rage in us.

This sad reality is the product of poor family union. The lovelessness we see in the society is a direct reflection of poor family integration. The greatest factor for unity is love. Now, what do you expect to come out of a family devoid of love? If the husband and wife do not love themselves, how can they instill love as the greatest virtue in their child(ren)? Even if they tell their child(ren) to appreciate love, would they, when it is a given that experience is the best teacher?

It’s high time we did a reappraisal of our value system. We need to go back to the original intent of family.

Given the level of rot in our sociocultural value system, it is pertinent and timely, too, to state that religion is the last hope for the redemption of the deplorable situation. Why is this so? You would agree with me that religion is the closest institution to the family unit, and every family has an affiliation to one religion or the other. If love is adequately preached in churches, mosques, and even shrines, what we would have is the growth of love beyond our imagination. But since this is far from being the case, what we have is violence upon violence.


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