Mathew 7:7 has it that “ask and you’d receive…”

This law is a universal law with God’s backing. Matter of fact, it is he(God) that established this law for the good of man.

The fact that you have to ask/demand to receive doesn’t mean God or whomever you may ask/demand from is not aware of what you’re asking or demanding. It rather reinforces the very fact that you’re truly aware of what you need and are ready to go for it. The truth is, were we to always receive whatever we need without asking or demanding for it as the case may be, we would not appreciate the worth of what we receive. And appreciation is key in life. The value we place on whatever is what makes it important.

To ascertain that you’re mature and ready to be independent as an entity, you must show you know what you need to survive. As little children, we were, time and again, given our needs without asking or demanding for them. But as the years goes by, we are allowed to ask or sometimes demand for our needs before they are given us, because we are seen to be getting mature. The same thing applies to nations. No nation that was formally a colony of another, got independence on a gold platter. They had to demand for their independence, and with time, when it became obvious that they are ripe enough to govern self, they were giving independence by their colonial masters. This is in keeping with the universal law of asking/demanding to receive.

This is not to say that there are no exceptional cases were you receive a thing without first asking/demanding for it. This is a case of grace, unmerited favour. Because of the rareness of this case, the recipient of this is, time and again, appreciative of the grace.

Now, to the very soul of this piece. Why do we, Nigerians, think we can change the status quo in Nigeria without applying the immutable law of asking and demanding? Our docility and lethargic nature is the primary factor responsible for our long time oppression and suppression by our criminally minded leaders. The realization of this truth is the beginning of the actualization of our emancipation, and consequent upon that, the manifestation of our long desired change. Awake, all ye sleeping Nigerians…


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