The Two(2) Options For The Future Of Nigeria And Nigerians:

(1). Nigeria would be transformed to a better nation where our dreams can be realized irrespective of our tribe/ethnic nationality, religion or financial status, given the revolution that is brewing and our unfettered commitment and effort to see to it that it happens, and…

(2). There would be outright war that would lead to Nigeria disintegrating to only God knows how many nations, if and only when the forces that be refuse to allow the first option the chance to thrive.

Now, we will have to choose from both options. For me, I chose the first option of a revolution that’s geared toward transforming Nigeria into an egalitarian, prosperous nation, soon to be the envy of nations.

The bitter truth is, if majority of Nigerians choose the second and the unfortunate option, we will wish it never happened. I say this because the need to engage in war within the nations that emerge from the war of wars would be prevalent as the clock ticks. How united are the neighboring tribes or ethnic nationalities that constitute those regions that may eventually become nations, post-Nigeria true civil war? We are quick to call for war. Do we know the art of war? I’m not referring to Sun Tzu’s Art of War. In war the bravest are oftentimes, those that pay the ultimate price. That you’re strong doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be victorious in war. That notwithstanding, is it not better we avoid the bloodshed of innocent children of God if we can?

There will be no war if, and only if the few that understand the need for the first option start doing what’s needed for a successful peoples’ propelled revolution. And, what do we need for the realization of the first option? Awareness creation via social crusades, aimed at disabusing the stereotyped mindset of the populace and galvanize them to embrace and appreciate the revolution that’s in the air.

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