It’s a fact that there are people with exceptional talents. That’s a given. That doesn’t mean we are not all talented.

It’s my believe that we are all gifted, blessed with so much in our DNA. What makes us outstanding is the time we give to our gift and which gift we give that time to.

I refuse to agree we have those persons created and designed to be lawyers and others to be engineers, while some to be medical doctors. Matter of fact, you can be as good as you can imagine in all three(3) disciplines if you so desire and with that burning desire, commit yourself unreservedly to realize your pursuit.

We’ve heard, and it’s also a fact, too, that man has not been able to use 10% of his brain before his time expires on this plane. If this is juxtaposed with the amazing achievements man has recorded, you’d be “flabberwhelmed and overgasted” for what man can do if half of his brain is put to work.

We are Multi-talented and the ability to do all that can be imagined is within our reach. Explore and exploit the latent potentials within.

(We are, time and again, satisfied with what we’ve achieved as a people and glory in the past achievement, thereby hindering what lies in the future.)


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