Time and again, we forget too easily what Easter truly represent. If not for faith that we have, can we say for sure that we would believe it if told that Jesus Christ died two days ago and rose to life today? Having considered this critically, I realized that, if given our mind to think, we would be justified for refusing to believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The reason why we accept that He did is because our heart does the thinking for us.


Believe in Easter, then, believe that God can do anything. Prior to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it was the conventional believe that nobody can die and come back to life. His resurrection  defied that thinking and set the pace for a new and abnormal thinking.


I woke up this morning and I was like, what do I write about Easter? I got thinking and it came to my mind that I should do a note about the Omnipotence of God, His ability to do all things.


Who would believe that  David in the Bible would be able to defeat Goliath in the fight they had. Why blame his brothers and even King Saul for talking him down when he opted to take on Goliath, the uncircumcised Philistine, who was so confident of his strength.


There’s something about God that fascinates me. He comes in to show his might, often times, when it becomes clear that it is beyond man’s ability to do a thing.


Easter, to me, represents what God can do when man thinks it is over over a situation. It is the reawakening, the resurrection of whatever is perceived dead by the senses.


My Easter message to all is, believe in your might, your horses, your chariots, your connections, and all that you can imagine, you would end up being disappointed. But believe in the power of the resurrection of the Son of God and all that is dead or that seems dead in your life and the life of yours shall be risen to life by the latent power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Happy Easter celebration to you and yours.

John Miles Wanogho


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