“LOVE IS BLIND”  they say, but not devoid of vision, I say. For if lovers blink, the truth is that, they are blind but for a little while.


“Love is blind” they say. Dead is that love devoid of vision, I say. If it’s true that lovers eyes do cease, oh how I cry in my heart for love. For the inevitable disasters that love would see.


“Love is blind” they say. But I see well, I say. Beholding the rising of the sun and the indisputable setting with time. For without this, one would treat love without love.


“Love is blind” they say. Love’s vision sees beyond, I say. Farther than the eyes can ever see. No wonder God’s love for us reveals our wickedness and unfaithfulness within.


“Love is blind” they say. But love that’s real and pure within, beyond the hidden hearts of lovers, sees. Love that’s under the sun can see, needs no eye but eyes of love to see.


“Love is blind” they say. Love flows like the seas, I say, taking its course wherever the wind blows. The eyes see beyond the sea, if the heart yonder sees.


“Love is blind” they say. Constant is the shining of the sun, I say. Though we see it for a while, shall we then say it ceased its shine? For God has made His wonders so.


“Love is blind” they say. With the rising of the sun, comes to mind the setting with time. Shall we say God’s control is no longer there, over what He alone created?


“Love is blind” they say. There’s much to love than eyes can see. If love is real, then let her see with the eyes hidden deep in her soul. Love is and would always be mystical.


Love is fragile, I’ll accept. Love is patient that I know. Love is caring, it’s no doubt. The profoundness of love is for some. But I refuse to agree, “Love is blind”.


“Love is blind” they say. We must state unequivocally where the blindness is.


The love that’s blind sees no wrinkles in the face of the loved. It knows no age and in it boldness lies.

The love that’s blind says yes to virtue and no to vice.

I rest my case.

John Miles Wanogho


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