God cannot be used for our selfish purpose. Matter of fact, God is the Creator, so the Creator must have a cogent reason for creating His creation.

Man has never done anything just for the fun of it. There’s always a purpose for whatever man creates.

Life would not be reasonable if things were done just for the fun of it.

The created cannot tell the purpose for which he was created, unless the creator reveals it to him. Until the essence of the creation of man is revealed to man, man would remain ignorant as to why he was created.

There are two available options to discovering the purpose for which we were created:

(1). By Speculation.

(2). By Revelation.

A lot of philosophers hold the option of speculation for understanding the purpose of creation. They conclude by conjecture, guessing and theorizing, without having a concrete foundation upon which they arrived at their conclusions.

Let’s take this illustration for a case study. Say, a television(TV) is given to a particular group of persons that have never seen or heard of the existence of it. They are asked to use it for its purpose without the owner’s manual. How on earth can this be possible, given the fact that they are ignorant of the function and essence of it? It is obvious that by guessing, they could end up turning it on. But that alone cannot give them the essence, the purpose it was made.

In the same light, man cannot know why he was created without a revelation from his Creator.

In view of all I’ve said thus far, it would be apt to say that it would take only God to strategize the process for revealing the essence for the creation of man.

The essence for the creation of man was made manifest in Jesus Christ. For He came to reconcile man to God. He is the Bridge to the Father; He is the will of the Father to His children; He is the Owner’s Manual.

The essence of Jesus Christ taking the form of man, is to give the long awaited answer to the question, why? Why are we here? For what purpose were we created?

It’s no doubt, that to understand the function of a thing, and for what purpose it was done, you need the Owner’s Manual.

Thanks be to God for loving man so much that, He didn’t want man to live short of the purpose he was created, that He brought the Owner’s Manual to enable him function as preordained before time.


Collosians 2: 2,3

2 [For my concern is] that their hearts may be braced (comforted, cheered, and encouraged) as they are knit together in love, that they may come to have all the abounding wealth and blessings of assured conviction of understanding, and that they may become progressively more intimately acquainted with and may know more definitely and accurately and thoroughly that mystic secret of God, [which is] Christ (the Anointed One). 3 In Him all the treasures of [divine] wisdom (comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God) and [all the riches of spiritual] knowledge and enlightenment are stored up and lie hidden.

A lot of us are still not aware that it is impossible for the screwdriver to function without the workman.

We are to Christ Jesus, like pencil is to an artist and a screwdriver to a technician. You do not expect the pencil and screwdriver to function without the artist and the technician using it for its purpose.

It is believed that God does everything for a man except the planning of his life. I would like you to pause and ponder on this for a little while: Is it possible for man to scheme the means of accomplishing a purpose for God? How can, after God, showing man his purpose, leave the task of accomplishing that purpose to man.

Just as we came into this world with our destiny for a purpose, as destined by God, it is imperative that we know that the plans for realizing that purpose is in us. But as we cannot say that we destined the purpose for our existence, so it is also improper for us to say we plan for our purpose.

Our purpose and the plan to execute that purpose must, I repeat, must come from the source of our existence.

If Apostle Paul, the greatest of all the Apostles ever lived, could acknowledge this fact, I wonder why anyone should oppose it. Is it that we want to be given the credit or what? Just wondering.


Before I formed you in the womb I knew [and] approved of you [as My chosen instrument], and before you were bo… http://bible.us/Jer1.5.AMP

If we humans can possess the power of vision, we cannot overemphasize the ability of our Creator’s. He would definitely not do a thing without first establishing the end thereof.

I have had to think and rethink, time and again, and came to the conclusion that it’s utter absurdity to think of it that man came to earth without a Maker who designed him, set how, when and why he should come.

Over the years, I have had to talk with people of high repute academically and otherwise. What I could deduce from my discussions with those persons is that a lot of them are aware of the how, the when, but the problem is that they are still in the dark as to why they were created. Without the knowledge of this, it would be of no use why man is on earth.

Take for instance, a builder, after building a house, has in mind reason(s) for building the house. If he is to furnish the house, he knows precisely what he needs to perfect that. It would be difficult to believe that he would bring in something that is of no use, no value, no importance, and doesn’t in any way contribute to the initial essence for the building of the house in the first place. Doing that would amount to foolishness, and we do not want to call God a foolish God.


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