Please, everyone that reads this should at least before commenting on it, get into the writer’s mind and imagine what prompted the write-up, what he seeks to achieve. This is indeed a simple but yet complex question.

Whatever you think God cannot do, does not exist in the realm of God. Before you say God cannot lie, God cannot change, and all what not you may want to say God cannot do, ask yourself, does that thing exist in reality? It’s just like saying God cannot eat, because in reality God does not eat. If I had said, tell me one thing that God does not do, then you can say He does not lie, eat, change or whatever.

Words are very powerful. “Can not” goes with limitation, and I believe you would not want to limit God by using the word cannot to speak of Him.

The God that I worship, whose name is Jesus Christ, can do all things, and there’s absolutey nothing He can not do.

There ain’t a thing, there’s nothing, I mean no not one thing that God cannot do.

Connotatively and denotatively, what I said stands. Indeed, there is nothing God cannot do, no matter how it is viewed. If viewed critically you would see why the word “cannot” cannot be used for God… We’ve left the realm of the almightiness of God into God’s ability. It is the word “cannot” that is the subject for critical consideration.

Some could say, God never does certain things, and “never do” can be likened to “cannot do”.

The nuance between cannot do and never do is such that cannot be noticed easily, but it is there. The nuance is very much there. “Never do” is in the realm of will, while cannot do is in the realm of power.

Some may say, what do you make of the Bible associating God with the word “impossible” in Hebrew 6:18 “…it is impossible for God to lie”?

“Impossible for God to lie”. I accept that, because of what impossible means and implies. How can you imagine God lying. That is not possible. There are so many things that are not possible within the realm of God. Impossible and cannot also carry the nuance that I talked about earlier. The both words do not carry the same weight. The writers of the Bible were guided by the Holy Spirit to use the word that best suits God. To explain this very clearly by the Bible itself, let’s go back one verse to Hebrews 6:17. It reads: Because God wanted to make the UNCHANGING nature of His purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, He confirmed it with an oath. 18 reads: God did this so that, by two UNCHANGEABLE things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope offered to us may be greatly encouraged.

Now, take note of the phrase “UNCHANGEABLE NATURE”. What it implies is that God’s nature does not have the word lie in it, and as such it cannot happen. Cannot happen means impossible to happen. But not that God cannot lie, because the word “CANNOT” cannot be said of God.

We can by way of speaking for God limit Him. So, we should watch it.

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2 thoughts on “WHAT CAN GOD NOT DO?”

    1. My bro, thank you! The truth is, we know better now, given the import of the word(cannot). We give it to the writer of Titus and for his perception and what he meant, but we know better now. We thank God that can do all things, and whom there’s absolutely nothing he cannot do.

      The configuration of God is devoid of lie. He does not lie.

      The dynamics and evolution of words and its usage prompted this piece…

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